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Joseph K. Waltenbaugh worked within the bureaucracy of state government for thirty-two years, starting at one of the lowest levels in a county office and advancing to finish as the director of one of the regional offices in the Bureau of Program Evaluation. he also spent several years adjudicating cases for three state departments as an administrative law judge in the Bureau of Hearings and Appeals. He used his professional and personal insights into the culture of government dependency along with his interaction with some unique individuals and unusual situations to author the book The Elephants' Graveyard: A Guide for Getting and Keeping Your Welfare Entitlements.

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A Guide for Getting and Keeping Your Welfare Entitlements

By Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

A lighthearted, almost farcical, representation of the entitlement culture in the form of a "how-to" or "self-help" guide for scamming the American welfare system. It lays bare the techniques and motivations of the entitlement subculture, and it skewers all the sacred welfare cows ... and elephants. No preaching, just some disturbing truths sandwiched in among the humorous stories and unique characters.

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